System Cleaning and Tune-up with Maintenance Tools

Was your system fast at one time, but over time began to get slower and slower? Computers usually don’t get tired and slow down, usually it’s data corruption or perhaps these little things running in the background called TSR’s (terminate and stay resident) which means programs are loading as your computer starts that you can’t see and are running in the background. That’s why it takes so long to boot up. Our Tune-up and Optimization returns the speed of your aging computer and often your system will be even faster than when new. If your computer is just slow now, there is most likely no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer, it just needs “tuned up”, just like your car does over time. If your computer used to do the job and seems to be struggling now, our tune up service is for you, and then your computer will be as good as new, for only $99.00.

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